Bridges – Bach and Modern Music

Contemporary music can be romantic and soft, delicate and sensitive, but also groovy and rhythmical, loud and scratchy. In Bridges we not only draw connections from Bach to contemporary music but also show that the music of our days can be as beautiful as any other kind of music.

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Whiter Than Snow – Crossing Borders Between Music and Performance 

In this program we seek to expand our effective field as instrumentalists on stage: We cease to be only musicians in a conventional way but also go to the limit performing with our body and voices. A video screen showing lions in a zoo, KISS performing at the dinner table, electronics playing pulsating sounds, a motor saw or a collage from news reports: Whiter Than Snow stimulates all senses.

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Workshop for pupils

On request we offer a 2-3 hour long workshop for pupils of all ages. For more details please contact us under

Workshop for composers

On request we offer a 2-3 hour long workshop for composition students on themes like notation or extended techniques for strings. For further details please contact us under