strings&noise has set itself the goal of making new music exciting and stimulating – for both experienced and untrained ears. The focus is on an intensive search for the many sound and noise possibilities of the two string instruments. The two musicians are not afraid to go to the limits of what can be played and to use objects, preparations, voice and body.

String instruments are still often associated with cloying euphony – this prejudice is debunked with great pleasure. Since its founding in 2015, strings&noise has therefore been increasingly involved with pieces that incorporate other media, such as video and electronics, or even performance elements.

Collaboration with composers working in this direction is specifically sought.

From 2020-22 strings&noise was part of the NASOM program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since 2021 the duo strings&noise consists of Sophia Goidinger-Koch (violin) and Barbara Riccabona (cello).